Britt T

Britt Truman

Britt received her 200hr certified teacher training at Frog Pond Yoga Centre under Diane Featherstone and Anne Goewey. With a strong desire to heal and share knowledge, she continues to enrich her education and qualifications. Consistently showing up to the practice has brought her deep self-discovery, that has connected her to her creative expression. What grounds Britt, are the moments between breaths and space between thoughts, sipping tea in the sunshine while curled up with a good book, journaling, her cozy bed, warm bear hugs, intimate conversations, and deep belly laughs. When not teaching or practicing yoga, Britt’s passions are creating art, studying astrology, exploring nature, amateur photography, cooking, listening and dance to music, writing, but most of all she loves spending time with her husband, and their two cats, Noodle and Sammy.

Britt believes yoga is a way to gain access to a bigger perspective and teaches us that life is truly magnificent.